Financing Options

USA Prime Properties is pleased to offer a variety of funding options for both U.S. and International investors. For our U.S. investors we offer funding placement thru the best mortgage brokers that know how to get investment property financed. U.S. investors can usually obtain funding with as little as 20% down with 30 year amortizations.

For our International buyers we have secured bank financing with down payments as low as 40% if buying 2 or more houses at a time or 50% down with buying one. Financing for International buyers is available with the establishment of a U.S LLC and obtaining an EIN number for tax purposes. We are extremely knowledgeable in this process and will assist you step by step. Financing will usually take 30 – 45 days to complete. Your property consultant has the experience to guide you thru this process successfully.

Our current funding program for International investors with 50% down plus 5 points interest rate of 9.99% amortized for 30 years on a 3/1 arm. This funding is available for both our “Rehab To New” houses and on our new build investment houses.

Our Financing In Review

  • Available for both U.S. and International Investors
  • Bank Financing
  • Easy Underwriting
  • 30 Year Amortizations
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Assist With Setting Up LLC’s
  • Assist With Obtaining EIN Numbers
  • Quick Approvals
  • Our Staff Will Assist In All Paperwork
  • Offer A Smooth Worry Free Closing With No Surprises